segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008


(Eclectic enough)

Music and Stones… I live surrounded by both.

I believe in the power of Sound as I believe in the power of Stones.

Both are Universal means of communication.
Both were present throughout human History, expressing culture and subcultures.
Both may separate (New-age, World-music, Gothic, Punk, Jazz, Grunge, Rock, Alternative, and so many other walls…), but both may also gather (Woodstock and so many other bridges…).
Both can change our mood. Both can make us dream. Both may relax and excite us. Both may help us to express our inner emotions.
Both may help us to remember, to forget, to forgive, to create, to see beyond …
Both can build a bridge between human beings and between human beings and Kosmic life.
Both have the ability to change people’s mentalities and behaviours.
Both have the ability to transform reality.
Both have the power of Transmutation.

Both can heal.
And this is their highest form.

Without sound, there would be no stones and vice-versa, since both are interwoven in the same way as we all are.

“Kosmos would extinguish itself without the existence of the soundless Sound that sets ethers in movement, gathers particles together, creating and dissipating structures.”

This soundless Sound I find in silence. The same silence which allows Music, Poetry and Art in general to penetrate our minds, hearts and souls.
The “secret” that allows recognition and awareness.
Such as in Black and White or as in Male and Female.
In between atoms there is emptiness. In between notes there is silence. As a result of their fusion, “Life” happens.

The Creator was an artist as well. I’m so certain She-He also wants us to be!
May we be wise and sensitive enough as to know how to combine sounds & soundless Sound, shape & Void…

I believe Portugal is about to uplift the world with astonishing artists willing to “give new worlds to the World”, this time, however, without slavery, vanity and greed.

Light, Love & Peace are never too much… “Thinking globally and acting locally”!


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